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Five experienced editors based in Midcoast Maine


  • We are capable, hardworking, energetic, sensible people dedicated to helping you do your best.

  • We work with local, national and international clients:  creators of fiction, nonfiction, marketing materials, media projects and business communications.

  • We promise swift, honest, tempered responses to your ideas and your writing.

  • Honoring your unique style and voice, we’ll help you identify what you need to do to improve your work

  • We are individual service providers who collaborate when an editor feels a project would benefit from other points of view.


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Joan Phaup

I have enjoyed a forty-year career in writing – first as a newspaper reporter and columnist, then as a radio journalist and finally as a public relations manager.  

Throughout my working life, people have turned to me for help with their writing. More recently, I began to realize that I would drop everything to help someone with a writing project. That's when I decided it was time to make editing my career.

During the past four decades, I have written about everything from school boards, rent control and state government to computer software, regulatory compliance and online proctoring of high-stakes tests. I have penned feature articles, human interest stories, editorials, press releases, blog posts, letters and presentation proposals. 

I now help magazine publishers, book authors, academics, business owners, corporations, and nonprofit organizations produce clear, concise communications.

I edit white papers, blogs, books, websites, magazine articles, press releases and more.

Sometimes I write on behalf of my clients, too. I use my background in marketing and public relations to help businesses and nonprofit organizations communicate effectively with various audiences – from clients and potential customers to employees and donors.



Principia College
BA, History

University of California, San Diego Extension
Copyediting Certificate

Activities and Affiliations

  • Experience with Chicago Manual of Style and the Associated Press Stylebook.

  • Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, the American Copy Editors Society, and the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance.

    Joan Phaup Editorial Services

Joan Phaup is a superb editor. She has worked on two of my nonfiction books and numerous short articles. She is empathetic with the messages and style I am trying to convey but does not hesitate to suggest changes she believes will enhance my finished product. She is thoughtful, astute, flexible, creative, and a joy to work with.
— Stephen Huyler, Author, Raconteur, India Expert
I worked with Joan on the first issue of Food+City magazine. She copyedited and fact-checked the stories, which varied in length from short blurbs to 3,500-word features. Joan was prompt, thorough and enthusiastic about the work, spearheading our magazine’s style guide and editing stories on tight deadlines.
— Addie Broyles, Food Blogger
I write frequently for the Questionmark blog, and Joan has edited and improved most of my articles. Joan is responsive and thoughtful, and I never cease to be amazed and pleased at the issues Joan finds—helping my use of language and making my articles clearer.
— John Kleeman, Chairman, Questionmark


Kathrin Seitz

I regard the editing process as a fascinating puzzle. I work with writers to uncover the themes and intention of their work, honoring each individual’s natural voice while keeping an eye on syntax and language. 

I am passionate about the combination of language and images; I have collaborated with photographers and artists to develop books about their work. I have also helped create artists’ statements with my clients.

I work as an editor, coach, collaborator or ghostwriter, helping my clients produce books that work in the marketplace.  I have taught Jack Grapes Method Writing for a decade in New York City, Florida, and Maine. My extensive experience in movies and television helps me identify which projects have potential as screenplays, television series, TV movies or animated series.

I have worked as an independent editor for ten years, helping many of my clients through the process of self-publishing. I particularly enjoy editing memoirs, young adult novels, fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting and books relating to spirituality, psychology, and French. 



Barnard College
BA with honors in French

New York University
MA, Political Science

Spalding College
MFA, Writing


Activities and Affiliations

  • Editor at Grove Press (including translation from the French of Lumumba: The Last Fifty Days) and Random House (including Sisterhood Is Powerful, and Steal This Book. Translation editor of Ho Chi Minh: A Political Biography).
  • Executive Producer at ABC Television movies (executive on City of Fear).
  • Vice President at CBS Movies (Target).
  • Supervising Producer at Nicktoons.
  • Vice President at Nickelodeon Movies.
  • Senior Vice President at LEGO. 
  • Nominated for an Emmy as supervising producer of The Rugrats Mother’s Day Special in 1997.
  • Articles published in Evergreen Review, Onthebus, The Herald Gazette and Maine Home + Design.
  • Currently writing a novel.

    Kathrin Seitz
Kathrin has the uncanny ability to see gold in your writing and encourage you to draw it out. When you combine this vision and care with her fireball personality, her wide-ranging creative background, her womanly intuition, and her fabulous sense of humor, you’ve got a combination that can’t be beat. In an industry filled with dust, Kathrin Seitz is a wild ruby.
— Victoria Labalme, Writer/Performance Artist/Coach

RAv4-2017-04-29 14.11.jpg

Richard Anderson

I am here to support you if you are focusing on business development and strategic planning. You may be an entrepreneur starting a business or a current business owner, nonprofit executive or marketing professional. I will help you conceptualize, plan and organize your ideas into cogent, powerful communications.

I am an entrepreneur and innovator with experience as a visual/verbal collaborator, educator and publisher. I will collaborate with you to generate creative options,  flesh out big ideas, fine-tune key themes and communicate them clearly.  

I can serve as a strategic consultant, independent editor or ghost writer. I can conceive, write or rewrite; shape or reshape. I will help with plans or proposals to banks, investors or board members; manuscripts for submission to book, magazine or news publishers.



University of Northern Iowa
BA and MA, Mathematics

University of Iowa
PhD, Administration of Educational Research and Information Systems

Harvard University Business School
Owner/President Management Program

Activities and Affiliations

  • Former mathematics teacher and cofounder and owner of Ligature, Inc., a developer of market-leading elementary and high school textbooks with a staff of 300 innovative writers, editors, designers and producers. A Ligature-developed series of social studies and history textbooks was the cover story in the September 29, 1991 Sunday New York Times Magazine.

  • Cofounder and former owner of VillageSoup, a groundbreaking leader in the digital news industry, capturing the opportunities afforded by rapidly changing technologies. VillageSoup received a Knight Foundation News Challenge Grant, a Batten Award for Innovations in Journalism and was featured in many articles including publications from Harvard University’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism and Columbia University’s School of Journalism.

  • Founder and owner of anderson-consulting, specializing in helping individuals and organizations assure sustainability through strategic innovation.



Sheila Polsonv2.jpg

Sheila Polson

I have more than thirty years of experience as a professional editor and writer. Give me a book manuscript, short story, creative essay, or other piece of writing and I will make it strong, clear, consistent and correct in language and style. I enjoy working with both beginning and seasoned writers and can help guide you in focusing your work for a particular target audience.

Over the years I have edited numerous book manuscripts, both fiction and nonfiction, for leading publishers and independent authors. I have also worked with individuals, businesses and organizations to draft and finalize all kinds of other copy, including short stories, literary journal submissions, student essays, magazine articles, brochures, and website text.

In addition to editing copy to ensure it includes the correct spelling and punctuation, proper grammar, and consistent style, I can make suggestions on language, tone, and overall organization. And I can proofread pages, both electronic and printed, and help get them ready for publication.

My love of books led me five years ago to become involved in a project to build a new library for my town and today I serve as director, a job that includes writing press releases, annual reports, newsletters, social media content, and website text. It also gives me valuable insight into the kinds of books being published and what people of various ages are reading, all information to share with writing clients.      



Colby College
BA, English and German

University of Michigan
MA, Communications and Natural Resources

Activities and Affiliations

  • Grant writer for successful library building campaign.
  • Copyeditor and manager for VillageSoup newspapers and websites for seven years.
  • Past writer for Christian Science Monitor, E Magazine, Free Press, Camden Herald, and several other publications.
  • Many years as writer of educational materials for Natural Resources Council of Maine, Maine Audubon, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.
  • Former information officer for Alaska Department of Fish and Game.
  • Complete working knowledge of Chicago and Associated Press styles.
  • Member Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance.

    Sheila Polson, Editor
Sheila is cut from the finest weave of editors that I have been lucky enough to know. She is meticulous, yet listens to the writer, gently easing him or her through the art of refining a sentence, chapter, or book. Sheila is creative and sensitive, broadminded and disciplined. And she delights in refining a well-wrought piece.
— Lynda Clancy, Editorial Director, Penobscot Bay Pilot
My book would never have made it to completion and publishing without the untiring research, editing, and organizing skills of Sheila Polson. On the days I was ready to give up, she would cheer me on and make suggestions to get me into another gear. She was an excellent team member with my book designer and me. Working with Sheila is a delight.
— Marilyn Moss, Author, Bill Moss: Fabric Artist and Designer